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GFI System Specular Tempus Reverb & Delay Pedal

¡Actualización del Firmware del Specular Tempus V3.8!

Specular Tempus Firmware Update V3.8!

MIDI Clock

All-preset access on the pedal itself.

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¡Actualización del Firmware del Specular Tempus V3.8!

Specular Tempus Firmware Update V3.8!

MIDI Clock

All-preset access on the pedal itself.

Fully optimised Aux switch functionalities: Warp Dotted, Warp Half, Warp Triplet.

Global kill-dry for parallel FX Loop usage.

Call a favourite preset instantly with Triple Switch from any of the 32 available presets.

Here’s what GFI System say about the Specular Tempus Reverb & Delay Pedal:

Concept: technically, Specular Tempus is a blank slate pedal with 8 algorithm slots (presets) into which you can put your favorite reverb and delay algorithms. The algorithms library comprises 13 reverbs, 13 delays, and 6 reverb & delay combinations.  The algorithms may be further customized via the SpecLab software.

Preset System:  the 8 presets are organized in 4 banks, each bank contains 2 patches : A and B.

Stereo I/O: a reverb and delay effect processor sounds much much better in stereo, period.

Interconnectivity: Specular Tempus has been designed with the need to interconnect with the outside world in mind. It features no less than 4 interfaces that greatly expand the specular horizon:

Aux-In – accepts single, dual, or triple buttons switch boxes for versatile external control (tap-tempo, bank up/down, etc).

Aux-Out – provides a switch contact that you can use to control other gears  (e.g. switching an amp’s channel).

Effects Loop – create your own unique delay or reverb sounds by inserting other effects into the delay or reverb feedback.

MIDI In – nearly all functions of the pedal are opened to MIDI access, including tap-tempo and expression pedal control.

Tap-Tempo: you can tap in your tempo using an external tap pedal or on the pedal itself (using a special mode). Subdivisions can be specified uniquely for each preset.

Auto knob swell: when you engage this feature, the parameter controlled by one of the knob is slowly swept to the maximum value, hold it there, and then swept back to the original setting. Used judiciously, this feature can introduce dynamic elements to the soundscape.

Analog Dry-thru: dry signals are routed through a pure analog path.

Small form-factor: the pedal measures 12 x 9 (cm) or 4.7 x 3.5 (inch), pretty small for what it has to offer.


Studio-grade reverbs & delays in a compact pedal.

Stereo In – Stereo Out.

32 Presets.

36 hand-crafted algorithms.

Tap-tempo (with 4 sub-divisions).

Versatile controls via Aux-In, Aux-Out, and MIDI.

Kill-Dry function.

Large and bright LCD display.

Analog dry-thru.

Input impedances : 1 MOhm.

Output impedances : 500 Ohm.

Current consumption : ~100 mA.

Input / Output jacks : 1/4 inch TS.

Effects Loop jacks : 1/8 inch TS or TRS.

Weight : 600 grams (1.2 lbs).

Dimension : 12 (L) x 9 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm

Power requirement : 9VDC / 100mA, negative-center plug.