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Dinosaural by Coggins Audio

In 1995, Dan Coggins co-founded and designed all circuits for the Lovetone® effect pedals brand. After leaving that business in 2008, he continued occasional servicing, repair, and “stock” upgrades of those original pedals for another 15 years. However, this era has now come to an end, and Dan regrets he can no longer provide assistance due to the inflated values of used Lovetone pedals and insurance challenges in transit. It’s essential to note that he no longer has any connection or affiliation with Lovetone®.

Regarding Dinosaural®: Between 2002 and 2019, Dan operated a business called Dinosaural®, manufacturing several guitar effects under the Dinosaural® brand name. In theory, he can still service and repair those (now out-of-warranty) products for a minimum bench fee/hourly rate of £65 per hour. In 2018, Dan formed a limited company, Coggins Audio Ltd®, officially taking over from Dinosaural® as of April 1, 2019. The Dinosaural® brand/trademark still exists under Coggins Audio Ltd®, with a new flagship product, the “Cogmeister™”: a triple boost/overdrive.

Through his company, Dan has been working full-time since August 2020 as the Analogue Design Engineer for Thorpy FX®, where they continue to produce an expanded range of new and innovative guitar effect pedal designs.


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