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The germ of the idea “ONE MORE PEDAL” was born in the early 2000s within the context of a dance funk cover band. We shared time and experiences, as well as concepts and a somewhat obsessive tendency to play with oversized gear. We used to joke about realizing that we were playing instruments that were worth more than the venues where we usually performed, and also with the money we earned from the concerts, which wasn’t even enough to afford one of our whims. The usual joke consisted of finding the perfect pretext to showcase all our gear. One of the first ideas was to open a bakery, the most absurd excuse possible for an exhibition, as if it were a museum: the bakery-museum.

Over the next 15 years, we continued to accumulate devices and joked about the possible bakery where we could display them. It could be said that during all that time, we were perfecting and refining the spirit of the bakery-museum.

Until in 2022, we thought that if we were going to keep buying things, why couldn’t we sell them too? So, we decided to start the project before it was too late. We left out the “bakery” concept, focused on the fantastic world of effect pedals, and preserved the original spirit of curiosity and exploration to offer exclusive and unique products to musicians of the 21st century. Almost unintentionally, ONE MORE PEDAL was born.

Our mission is to help you discover and find the best pedals on the market.

A good handful of years later, the original joke was more relevant than ever. The other day, someone said:

“If it’s cool, order it; it will look great in the bakery…”

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